Psychiatry and Psychotherapy for Adults, Adolescents & Children

Everyone comes to Coleman with different life experiences and challenges that can impact our mental health and wellness. We understand that it takes courage to ask for help. Perhaps you’re going through an especially rough patch. Maybe you’ve been struggling with substance use or dealing with a mental health disorder that has been affecting your ability to work and the quality of your relationships. People of all backgrounds and ages reach out to Coleman for different reasons:

  • Treatment for attention disorders
  • Treatment for depression
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Treatment for anxiety
  • Treatment for bipolar disorder
  • Treatment for mood disorders
  • Treatment for personality disorders
  • Treatment for psychotic disorders
  • Treatment for schizophrenia


You’ve come to the right place. At Coleman, you’ll find a comprehensive range of psychiatric and counseling services – personalized to address your unique concerns. Coleman Psychiatric Services provides assessments of individuals with psychiatric and emotional difficulties. At Coleman Health Services, the psychiatric team consists of psychiatric-trained physicians, Advance Practice Nurses (APN), Physician Assistants (PA), pharmacists, nurses and medical assistants.  This specialized team provides quality psychiatric assessment and evaluation to determine the most effective treatment for all persons with mental illness, including substance use disorders. 


Psychiatric assessment

We focus on understanding your situation.

When you turn to Coleman for help, you’ll find an expert team of psychiatric providers, licensed counselors and services that meet national accreditation standards. You’ll get connected with our expert team of psychiatrists and advanced practice nurses (APNs) — professionals who share our agency-wide passion for recovery. The psychiatric team may utilize medication or recommend other treatments,  according to the best standards of practice,  in order to improve functioning through the reduction of mental health disorder symptoms. The Coleman psychiatric services team will take the time to listen to how you’re feeling, help you understand what you’re going through, and explain your personalized treatment plan – to you and your family.


Our psychiatric services team may perform a psychiatric/mental health examination – to give us insight on issues that may be troubling you. Your Coleman Care Team may also consider assessment data from behavioral health professionals, professionals from other disciplines, from your family and other important people in your circle.


How Psychiatry Aids Counseling + Therapy

Chronic and acute mental health issues can be debilitating. At Coleman, our psychiatry staff are trained to differentiate mental health problems from other possible underlying conditions that could present with psychiatric symptoms. Our Psychiatric team will work with our other specialized teams, including counseling and case management, to develop a personalized plan of care that supports your road to recovery.


Psychiatry for Adults

Mental illness may be a result of biological or environmental factors. Coleman works with adults from all walks of life to help heal and find freedom. We’re here to help you put yourself first, get the help you need and make positive changes in your life.


Psychiatry for Adolescents & Teens

Good mental health is vital for healthy teenage development, strong relationships and resilience. Teen years are important for kids to assert their individuality and practice independence. While it’s normal for teens to experience moodiness, poor motivation and trouble sleeping, these issues can escalate to full-blown depression, aggression, or self-harm. We’re here to help, with a wide range of support options for teenagers with mental health problems and for their families.


Psychiatry for Children

A child’s healthy emotional, behavioral and social wellbeing is crucial to their overall development. Unfortunately, many children are confronted with complex social and environmental issues that can jeopardize their healthy development. We offer trauma-informed interventions, evidence-based support programs and a wide array of services aimed at helping kids heal and thrive.


We support our clients to thrive.

Every person gets what they need — the high-quality, compassionate, coordinated, person-centered care they deserve. Our experienced and licensed staff work with you to address their specific needs through a wide range of behavioral and mental health services and treatment options. We practice evidence-based, research-proven treatment methods and prescribe supportive medications that can support your recovery and help you feel better, faster. Access complete range of of psychological and psychiatric services — all under one roof:


Coleman mental health professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to initiate mental health treatment and drug and alcohol treatment.


Coleman’s Psychiatry is available in the following counties:

Allen,  Auglaize,  Hardin,  Jefferson,  Mahoning,  Portage,  Stark,  Summit,  Trumbull

Someone from Coleman will respond to your request within 24 hours. If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1. If you are in a crisis, call one of Coleman’s crisis hotlines.

Find your crisis hotline here

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Coleman Supports Our Veterans

Coleman is proud to provide Mental Health, Crisis, Employment and Social support to those who have served our country and their families. Veterans looking for additional resources can visit