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Our History

Coleman Professional Services is located in nine Ohio counties, serving clients living there and in surrounding locations.
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Our History

Coleman Professional Services (CPS) was founded in 1978 as the Kevin Coleman Center in honor of a compassionate man from the Portage County community, Father Kevin Coleman. Father Coleman was well-educated in the field of mental health and counseling. He was a great mentor and was excellent at handling crises. 

The Kevin Coleman Center was originally led by CEO, Bob Walker. In order to produce sufficient funds to keep the center running, he created a focused task force to envision a social enterprise business model for funding. In 1985, a new CEO took control. Nelson W. Burns, like his predecessor, provides the spark behind the growth of Coleman Professional Services.

Throughout the past 36 years, Coleman has expanded and diversified its services while maintaining its affordability and quality.

Highlights of Our Journey

  • 1984: Coleman merges with Portage Area Senior Service (PASS). Coleman Adult Day Services provides a medical model of affordable daytime care for adults whose lives are challenged.
  • 1986: Employment Services is added to provide vocational and supported training for individuals struggling with behavioral health issues.
  • 1987: In order to offer immediate assistance around-the-clock, 24-hour crisis service is established, providing adult and youth intervention services on a walk-in or telephone basis.
  • 1996: The Kevin Coleman Center officially changes its name to Coleman Professional Services to highlight the variety of professional services available to the community.
  • 2003: Coleman Consultation Services is formed to assist other organizations with housing and residential development, as well as grant writing, billing administration and strategic planning.
  • 2004: New facilities for Coleman’s Adult Day Services and Behavioral Health are built in Ravenna.
  • 2005: CPS expands to Stark County providing a full range of behavioral health, employment and housing services.
  • 2006: CPS expands to Trumbull County and nearly doubles the number of individuals, families and businesses served.
  • 2011: Coleman Professional Services expands to the counties of Allen, Auglaize and Hardin. CPS begins serving clients in these counties with mental health counseling, psychiatry, crisis intervention, and alcohol and drug rehabilitation.
  • 2015: CPS extends into Jefferson County and begins serving clients with mental health counseling, psychiatry, case management, crisis intervention, residential, and employment services.

Coleman Professional Services has grown to nearly 900 employees and has an annual budget of more than $60 million. Coleman provides behavioral health and rehabilitation services in nine counties around Ohio and is a nationally recognized not-for-profit provider of behavior health and rehabilitation programs.