Many Services.
One Coleman.

Those four words describe what is truly unique about Coleman Health Services. Many organizations offer some fragments of behavioral health, residential, employment and supportive services. But only Coleman offers the comprehensive, whole person treatment to children, adults and families in the communities we serve – regardless of their ability to pay.

Whole Person Treatment – What Does That Mean?

Coleman cares for our clients by treating the whole person. That means that Coleman workers who work in different disciplines come together a team to help clients overcome struggles that are interrelated. For instance, clients in addiction recovery often benefit from simultaneous help in housing services and career counseling.

Our services are built upon the pillars of our Mission Statement: 

Clinical Services – Fostering Recovery

These Coleman services help clients make positive changes. We help people begin their recovery journey with kindness and respect. Our goal is to build trust and begin a relationship that supports and encourages people to start their new chapter with courage and support. Recovery includes behavioral health, counseling, case management, substance use treatments, walk-in services, psychiatry, and crisis intervention and stabilization. Our clinical services also include original Coleman programs like FIRST (treating first psychotic episodes) and FACT (life skills, employment and other training for fathers.)

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Residential Services – Building Independence

These Coleman services empower clients to get real traction in their quest for self-reliance. Residential Services include housing assistance, group housing, youth transitional services that includes apartment living, budget management classes and other programs that help prepare clients for independent living.

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Social Enterprise Business – Coleman Community Engagement

Key to the Coleman Business Model is investing in businesses which provide returns that support our services. Our social enterprise business model features a diverse portfolio that includes Data Solutions (document management) and Bean and the Baker (restaurant.)

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Supportive Services – Transform Lives

Supportive services include guardianship and family care, jail liaison support, adult protective services, adult day care services and eldercare case management.

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Employment Services – Change Destinies

Employment services empower people to complete their education and build the skills they need to secure employment that matches their abilities. It includes job matching, assistance with interviewing, securing transportation and more.

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Mobile Response and Stabilization Services


Employment Services – For Employers

Adult Protective Services

Coleman Crisis Stabilization Unit

Embrace Program

24/7 Access – Phone & Walk-in Services

Bean & the Baker

Behavioral Health

Case Management

Coleman Adult Day

Coleman Consultation Services

Coleman Data Solutions

Coleman Rental Management


Crisis Intervention & Stabilization

Employment Services – For Clients

Evaluation & Diagnostic Assessment

Guardianship Services

Residential Services

Jail Liaison Support


Peer Support


Addiction Treatment


Coleman Supports Our Veterans

Coleman is proud to provide Mental Health, Crisis, Employment and Social support to those who have served our country and their families. Veterans looking for additional resources can visit