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Our Impact

Coleman Professional Services is located in nine Ohio counties, serving clients living there and in surrounding locations.

Our impact on these communities can be measured in numbers like these.

Coleman’s positive impact can also be seen in more human terms, such as:

  • A pregnant woman gets free prenatal visits and nutritional wellness advice from the Pregnancy Center.
  • A homeless man finally finds a steady place to rest his head, receiving job coaching and help getting back on his feet.
  • A child with suicidal thoughts is referred by a teacher to Coleman, who provides diagnosis and counseling…and the child’s first feelings of hope in a long time.
  • A father graduates from FACT (Fathers Accountable for Children’s Tomorrows) after receiving help from Coleman in obtaining his GED and skills training. He is now proud to be able to set a good example for his kids.
  • A 19-year-old struggling through young adulthood in a dysfunctional family finds a safe, stable space to live in transitional housing. There, a Case Manager helps the young adult with employment services and emotional support – providing hope.

Janet’s Story

“She believed she could, so she did.”