Our Story

What is Coleman? It depends on the question...

My husband is so angry and depressed. Who can we turn to?

Who can I call for help dealing with trauma?

I am struggling with substances – who can help?

It’s tough getting a place to live without a job. What can I do?

My dad has dementia and lives with us. We need a break. He needs to socialize. Who can we call?

Coleman has the answer for all of these challenges. The truth is, not everyone faces the same struggle. But Coleman Health Services has the breadth of programs and depth of expertise to help them all, regardless of your ability to pay.

The common element is support. This help – founded in care, delivered with professionalism and expertise – changes everything.

Our Beginning

Founded in 1978 in Portage County as a nonprofit community behavioral health agency, Coleman was named for Father Kevin Coleman, a man driven by both his faith and advocacy for mental health. Coleman Health Services has expanded its service areas and capabilities. 

Now a nationally-recognized nonprofit, Coleman offers comprehensive behavioral health, residential, employment and supportive services to ten Ohio counties and surrounding communities.  

Read more about our history. Meet the caring professionals who lead us. Learn about the community partners who help fund our nonprofit and stay connected with news and stories that illustrate our mission and vision:

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Coleman Health Services to improve the lives of people it serves, regardless of their ability to pay. Coleman delivers mental health, substance use, residential, and rehabilitation services. Coleman supports and empowers its employees through continuous improvement.

Vision Statement

Coleman Health Services aspires to be the premier behavioral health, residential, and rehabilitation organization and an organization which demonstrates responsible growth that is financially stable. Coleman will engage and empower its customers and employees, fostering innovative solutions and seeking to continually exceed expectations.

2023 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

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Janet’s Story

“She believed she could, so she did.”


Foster recovery through services such as crisis stabilization, counseling, psychiatry and case management.


Build independence with supportive residential services or permanent housing placement.


Change destinies by helping clients secure employment that matches their abilities.


Transforming lives with programs that support people of all ages and their caregivers through life’s toughest times.