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What are Integrated Care Services for Coleman?

We believe mental health is essential health – whether you’re a primary care provider or a human resource professional. It’s an issue we help you address holistically. Our goal is to support your organization in a way that allows your patients and employees to thrive. The Coleman Health Services Integrated Health Care is a dynamic model of behavioral healthcare support where our CHS specialists partner with your staff to develop and incorporate therapeutic mental health initiatives that enable you to achieve your practice and corporate wellness goals.

How Can YOU
Partner With
Coleman Health Services?

We collaborate with your organization to integrate proven, evidence-based behavioral healthcare programs and services that:

Support better patient outcomes and greater practice management 
Promote a healthy workplace and greater employee satisfaction

How Can Coleman Health Services Support Your Practice?

With the support of Coleman Health Services, your practice benefits from coordinated behavioral healthcare support and administrative best practices you can typically only find at a larger clinic or healthcare network setting – without all the time, overhead and costs associated with training your own staff and managing your own practice. Integrated care allows you to address medical conditions and related behavioral health factors that affect your patients’ overall health and wellbeing that ultimately delivers a greater level of care.

What kind of support can you expect from CHS for your practice?

  • Licensed behavioral healthcare expertise
  • Training and supervision
  • Mandated Continuing Education Unit (CEU) hours
  • Organized practice management
  • License reimbursements
  • Time-consuming administrative duties managed

Find the level of support that works for your practice:

  • Onsite Support – fully-embedded with your patient care team and administrative workflow
  • Co-located Support – inter-professional collaboration based within the same facility

Integrated Care is supported by performance-based incentives

Certainly, Integrated Care is designed to offer your patients greater access to vital services that can impact their quality of care and overall wellbeing. But partnerships at the state level help to strengthen primary care in a way that offers your practice shared savings through performance-based incentives. Coleman can help you implement the structure for these programs and manage mandated reporting.

How can Coleman Health Services support your Workplace Wellness Initiatives?

Taking care of the health and wellness of your employees is simply good business. Whether you’re seeking support for an ongoing corporate wellness initiative, a specific program or supplemental services, CHS can work with your organization to develop offerings that promote better mental health and foster resilience.


Take advantage of Onsite Corporate Behavioral Healthcare

CHS Behavioral Healthcare Specialists supports your Human Resources team to coach, support and assist with employee assistance programs (EAP), experiential therapy and corporate wellness initiatives. It all adds up to a positive work culture, improved job performance, and greater employee retention.


Find support for Organizational Education and Wellness Programs

CHS supports Factories, Plants, Union Halls and other organization with educational and wellness initiatives, covering important or required programs – in the form of Leadership Training, Organizational Town Hall Meetings, Company Lunch & Learns and more.


Discover One-On-One Case Management Services

Our CHS Case Managers work with your employees navigate issues that challenge their work/life balance – like childcare, transportation and mental health concerns.


Bolster Your Community Services and Outreach

The Leadership Team at CHS is available to develop and support customized programming for community outreach and prevention services with special populations with mental health needs.

Let’s talk about how we can support you professionally and affordably. Call Coleman Health Services today and we can develop programs and services to meet your organizational needs.

Chief Officer and Director of Integrated Care
Keri Deyling, LISW-S
Phone: 330-317-4968