I Am Coleman – John Powell

Nov 11, 2022

John Powell You and I might be similar. I have eight siblings that I love, and we were raised by two loving parents who provided us a stable home. I had a great childhood. Things seemed “normal”. But I was struggling. Long story short, I ended up in a psychiatric hospital in Tennessee after I intentionally crashed my car at 70 miles per hour. Upon my return to Ohio, I stayed with my parents.

I went to school and received my certification to become a nursing assistant, and I got a full time job working at a nursing home. I was so delusional even while working. I eventually quit my job because the delusions were getting worse and I started isolating more. Eventually, I was admitted to St Rita’s hospital in Lima.

While I was at the hospital, I was told I couldn’t live with my parents anymore. I was so upset that I started making plans to kill myself at discharge. I didn’t know where to go. When the doctor asked me where I was going to go, I said three important words, “What about Coleman?”

I was discharged to the Coleman Crisis Center. While there I attended groups, took my medicine, and made a few friends. Coleman placed me at Circular House. I loved everything about living there. I met two men who eventually became good friends. Staff helped me so much and I knew they cared about me. I loved them all! I am so thankful for Coleman because when I had nowhere to go, Coleman took me in.

We made a medicine change and I finally “woke up”. I turned my cell phone back on, started playing my guitar again and making music. I applied for disability, started hanging out with the guys at Circular, went on walks, reconnected with my family, and enrolled in the Coleman First Episode of Psychosis Program. I even got a job! I currently work at Shawnee Manor.

I am finally able to see a future for myself. I no longer have delusions or suicidal thoughts. Joining the First Episode Program (FEP) taught me and my family about schizophrenia so that we better understand this illness and learn how to work around everything it throws at us. I am thankful for the FEP team.

Recently, I moved to Coleman’s new apartment building. I love my new home, and I like that staff are always there to help us. Staff do not treat us like clients. They make us feel like a family. I am willing to become more involved with Coleman when the time is right. I hope the time is right for you now, and that you will consider a donation in this season of gratitude.

My hopes and dreams for the future are the basic American dream – a home of my own, a wife and children. I know it will take time, but I plan to get there. Your support of Coleman Health Services supports my dreams. For that, you have no idea how truly grateful I am.

Thank you for listening to my story. Happy Holidays!

– John Powell