New Year, New Website for Coleman Professional Services

Jan 24, 2020 | Blog

At the end of last year, we underwent a significant overhaul of our existing website, which was over five years old. Recognizing that our clients, stakeholders, and job seekers want something more robust, we rolled out a new site that establishes Coleman as the provider, employer, and charity of choice throughout the counties that we serve.

Today’s blog will focus on our new site and its forthcoming improvements.


Major Updates                  

Online Bill Paying: You can now pay your bill online with either a debit or credit card. We have partnered with Ability SecurePay, a secure comprehensive patient payment platform. Click on the red BILL PAY button at the top right of any page, and the site will direct you to our payment page below.

Google Maps Directory: When you click on the FIND US in red at the top right of each page, you’ll land on the page below. From there, you can input your address or city and search for Coleman locations within 10-50 miles from that location. It will bring up the closest to the farthest away locals, in that order. By clicking on More info in red or the dot on the map, you will also receive the phone number of that specific location.

News: Even though we had this in our old site, the new website provides a better look and feel to this page. Breaking news you should know will be under the OUR STORY tab.

Blogs: Our blogs, posted twice a month (usually the second and fourth Friday), are under the OUR IMPACT tab. The latest blog will be in the top left box, with the second latest next to it and so on. We do our best to deliver timely behavioral health topics. If you have an idea about what we should cover, please email 

Events: Under the GET INVOLVED tab, site users can now search for events by month, year, or search term (i.e., Right at Home). They will see the events that are closest to the date searched or default to the events closest to the actual date the user is on the page. There’s a lot more detail about each event, whether it’s free or fee, and allows for registration from this page.

Careers: Our new careers section allows website users to easily search and see new postings Coleman has across its multiple counties. However, if you’re looking for a specific job in a particular county, you can see that as well.

What’s Coming Next

We hope you like the new site!!!   Based on feeback from users and changes in technologies, future updates could one day include online appointment scheduling, a robust resources page, and searchable providers listing, or other neat things as Coleman grows to meet the needs of our communities.

Tell Us Your Thoughts

Please let us know what you think about the new site. What do you love? What confuses you? Please send your feedback to

Thank you!