Mini Grants Have Major Impact on People’s Lives

Dec 21, 2020 | Uncategorized

We understand that it is often something very simple that stands in the way of a client’s recovery and success.

That’s why Coleman distributes Personal Assistance Grants. These grants are distributed at least four times per year. Each grant can be worth up to $500 and enables Coleman to quickly make a big difference in people’s lives.

Here are a few examples:

  • A formerly homeless family of four finally secured housing. However, they were sleeping on the floor. Because of the Personal Assistance Grant, their Coleman case worker was quickly able to process the purchase of four beds to give our client family some dignity…and a good night’s rest.
  • As part of our employment services program, our client was about to begin a new job in construction. All he needed was a pair of work boots – high quality, steel-toed, and built for safety. He didn’t have the money. The only thing keeping him from that new job was those boots. Because of the grant, he got the boots…the job…and began his new life.
  • Another Coleman client used his bicycle for transportation to his job. In all kinds of weather, he biked to work. Till one day, the bike broke down beyond repair. Coleman quickly stepped in with a Personal Assistance Grant to replace his bike so he could keep his job.
These are more than just stories about grant recipients. These are success stories. Your support ensures that Coleman can provide people with what they need to succeed in their next step of recovery with Personal Assistance Grants.
In some cases, when there is a limited and specific need, we reach out through social media to ask for contributions to make these small grants a reality. Such was the case for the bicycle. If you have contributed through our website to these grants, THANK YOU! 

If you would like to contribute to future Personal Assistance Grants, please visit our online Giving Page. Every gift is a help to those we serve.  Thank you!