Experience, Understanding and Training Make Our Peer Support Specialist Qualified to Help

Jul 15, 2021 | Blog, Mental Health

A “Real Life” Connection Makes a Difference. But Credentials Matter.

Knowing that someone is successfully navigating their own recovery journey can certainly build a bond of trust between a client and a Peer Support Specialist at Coleman Health Services. Backing that experience with the education and training helps our Peer Support Specialists effectively extend the reach of treatment beyond a clinical focus. Peer Support Specialists offer a unique understanding and perspective. As vital members of our integrated care teams – these individuals help guide clients through crisis situations toward sustained recovery in their practical everyday life.

Expect Support with Certification.

Coleman Peer Support Specialists have all earned the credentials to offer active support. We train our Peer Support Specialists to become teachers, role models, and advocates in your recovery process. Like our clinical staff, our certified Peer Support Specialists receive special training and are required to obtain Continuing Education Units in order to develop additional core competencies. And they are required by the State of Ohio to have a direct lived experience of mental health and/or substance use disorder.

They’ve walked in your shoes.

That’s exactly why Coleman Peer Support Specialists are able to focus on helping you reach your own goals and achieve your potential. They share from their own personal experiences, to help you identify workable strategies you can successfully implement into your own daily life.

In Ohio, there are 3 ways to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist:

  1. Complete 40 hours of OhioMHAS in-person Peer Recovery Support Training
  2. Complete 40-hours of Peer Recovery Support through an OhioMHAS-approved organization
  3. Have 3 or more years work experience as a Peer Recovery Supporter – including a job title that exactly matches one of the following:
  • Peer Specialist
  • Peer Supporter
  • Peer Recovery Coach
  • Peer Navigator

Trained and certified Peer Support Specialists can offer insight for dealing with mental illness and substance use, and how these issues can impact work, relationships, finances, health and more. That’s especially reassuring to those newly diagnosed with a or recently starting a recovery journey and in need of support and motivation.

Certified Peer Support Specialist are qualified to help:

  • Allies – teaching important coping skills and offering emotional support
  • Mentors – offering practical assistance with daily living and supportive resources
  • Life Coaches – supporting independent living and social skills, self-confidence and advocacy skills
  • Wellness Coaches – helping you manage symptoms and develop health and wellness skills
  • Relationship Coaches – helping you build stronger relationships and support networks
  • Advocates – connecting you with vital support resources
  • Job Coaches – helping you explore employment opportunities

Find Coleman Peer Recovery Support.

Peer Recovery Support Specialists offer important assistance through a wide range of programs at Coleman:

Drop-In Centers for individuals who struggle with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, homelessness, trauma and more.

START Program (Sobriety Treatment And Reducing Trauma) – a collaboration between Coleman and Children Services.

Coleman Access Services – meeting clients at the front door when they come for services to keep them engaged and supported through either the opening stages of treatment or when they re-present.

CTP Community Transition Program – supporting inmates who have been released from the corrections system.

Coleman Crisis Center – open 24/7 offering support in person and by phone.

Coleman Peer Support Groups – facilitating two weekly Peer Support Groups at our Drop-In Center.

Specialty Treatment Court – supporting Mental Health and Drug Court.

Law Enforcement Assistance – coming soon! We are implementing a 24/7 team to assist law enforcement when responding to situations where a crime has not been committed but MH and SUD support are needed. The team will consist of a LSW and a peer staff to respond with law enforcement.

Someone from Coleman will respond to your request within 24 hours. If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1. If you are in a crisis, call one of Coleman’s crisis hotlines. Find your crisis hotline here