Crisis Care and Kids Who Care in Stark County

Apr 12, 2019 | Blog

April 12, 2019

Each year thousands of people face situations in life which require behavioral health care.  More so than in any time in history, there is less stigma, more recognition and an evolving scope of treatment and therapy to help anyone who suffers.

Behavioral health is an umbrella term for a range of issues from depression to substance use, psychiatric troubles and more recently recognized struggles such as eating disorders. The mission of behavioral health care is to prevent or intervene in mental illness and/or substance use disorders in order to achieve successful recovery.

Sad and contemplative young woman.

Sad and contemplative young woman.

Crisis Situations

A crisis occurs when a stressful life event overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope effectively in the face of a perceived challenge or threat.  Crises occur at the spur of the moment and in a variety of settings as trauma can arise quickly. Crises are temporary, although the effects may become long-lasting.

Crisis intervention is the emergency and temporary care given to an individual who, because of unusual stress in life, is unable to function or cope as he or she normally would.  The goal is to interrupt the downward spiral of negative thinking and to increase stabilization.  Crisis assessment and crisis intervention strategies focus on an individual’s immediate situation including factors such as safety and immediate needs.  Coleman has highly trained staff on call 24/7 for all of our counties.  Call 1-877-796-3555 and mention the county you’re in, or find the crisis phone number in your county.  Also, you can text HELP to 741-741.

Mobile Response and Crisis Services

Coleman understands the importance of providing help when it is needed. In Stark County Coleman has a mobile response network which provides intervention services for children, adolescents, and adults right where they are.  Coleman’s team of professionals are trained to employ behavioral health interventions that are sensitive to the age-specific needs of the individual. Call Coleman’s Stark County Crisis Hotline at 330-452-6000 any time day or night and, if needed, request Mobile Response services.

Kids Who Care – Speak Life Resiliency Run

Stark County residents were shocked and deeply saddened last school year when a number of students in their schools died by suicide.  Perry High School was especially hard hit.  This year students in the Perry Local School District have worked to plan an event that would focus on life and getting help if needed.  They have created the Speak Life Resiliency Run and are encouraging everyone to join them the morning of May 4th.  Whether you run or walk the 5K, or just come to support those who do, it is important to support these young people as they commemorate the students who lost their lives last year.

Coleman’s Youth Mobile Response team is honored to have been chosen as one of the benefactors of the event. All the funds raised will be donated to Coleman Professional Services and Akron Children’s Hospital.  For more information on the race and/or to sign up for the race please click here.

Crisis Beds Available

If a situation is severe enough for an individual to need more intensive care, while not requiring hospitalization, Coleman’s Crisis Stabilization Unit is there.  It provides stabilization services including individual, group and family counseling; medication monitoring; psychiatric evaluation and assessments; and discharge planning on a voluntary basis for up to 14 days.

Ongoing Care

Continuing care is essential for behavioral health concerns.  It will help keep the client on track with their recovery. Many diagnoses require intense treatment followed by a longer period of care. Successfully following the long-term recommendations whether counseling, medication, case management or a combination of all three will lead to achieving recovery goals.  Coleman provides all of the necessary services as well as housing supports and employment services to its clients, regardless of their ability to pay.