Changing Seasons displays Faces of Recovery

Jul 11, 2018 | News

Published by: Hometown Stations, Katie Honigford, Anchor

A division of Coleman Professional Services is displaying tales of recovery at the Lima Public Library.

Changing Seasons has been bringing the Faces of Recovery mask project to different locations in Allen County. The display features masks that have been painted by people struggling with mental health issues and addiction, as well as different members of the community and students from Lima schools.

While the art of the masks is a big part of the display, those with Changing Seasons say that the people and their stories behind the masks makes the display deeper in meaning, and spreads the word about getting help.

“The stories behind the masks are really more important than the design, and that’s why I urge everyone who comes in to read those stories because it really gives them depth,” said Maha Zehery, Outreach Program Liaison for Changing Seasons. “The more that we spread the word – we had the masks at the Meeting Place, we’re having them at Lima Senior – the word will spread and people are I think more receptive to the concept.”

The display will be available at the library for the public to look at for one month.