The Arosha Family Story

Nov 4, 2019

“We are students who came from Sri Lanka for graduate school. We planned to have our baby but still felt very unprepared. We badly needed expert advice and wanted someone to speak to regularly. Linda and all the staff members were our caretakers. My wife talked about everything with them; including physical discomforts and emotional things. We were thoroughly educated and at the end of the pregnancy, my wife and I were totally up to the task. When our baby was unexpectedly born with hip dysplasia, the Pregnancy Center also helped us to get through
this difficulty.

There have been a lot of benefits, especially the diapers, outfits, toys and baby stuff we got free of charge. It is also a place like home where we have a good mutual relationship. We get help but also can donate stuff to help others in need. Finding the Coleman Pregnancy Center was the best thing that happened to us. We wish good luck for the future of Coleman Pregnancy Center.”

True story of Arosha, Thiloka & Baby Sahanya, Coleman Pregnancy Center clients.