Coleman Adult Day Re-Opens Doors After Coronavirus Outbreak

Aug 10, 2020 | Adult Day Services, News

A Message from Robert Steinheiser, Chief Officer of Coleman Adult Day Services: 

To our beloved seniors and caregivers,

As you know, Coleman Adult Day Services was mandated to temporarily close our doors on March 18 of this year to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Although it’s been a long few months, we are thrilled to report that Coleman Adult Day has been given the green light to re-open, but at a very restricted level.

In an effort to keep our clients, their caregivers and our staff safe, we’ve implemented the following safety precautions:

For Our Staff & Facility

  • Staff must wear face coverings and maintain 6 feet apart whenever possible.
  • Daily temperature checks.
  • Added clearing and sanitization routines.
  • Our facility is allowed to have 5 clients plus one staff person per room.
  • We are using two rooms within our facility to service a total of 10 clients (for right now).
  • No outside visitors (ex: entertainers, instructors, ect.) – we miss you!

For Our Clients

  • Clients must wear face coverings and maintain 6 feet apart at all times to comply with social distancing.
  • Daily temperature checks.
  • New drop off procedures to reduce caregiver contact with other clients.

Modified Activities

  • Revised and re-designed indoor and outdoor group activities to keep our clients safe and engaged throughout the day.
    • We are fortunate that we have two televisions, cable and Internet access for each of our two rooms – this helps with programming!
  • No field trips at this time.

Once our caregivers are more comfortable with these procedures and as the spread of the virus slows, we plan to increase the number of clients to the acceptable limit. We are adding new clients daily and hope to see all your smiling faces again soon.

These past few months have been difficult – Coleman Adult Day is back and ready to serve our seniors and their caregivers!

Thank You For Your Continued Patience & Support,

Robert Steinheiser
Chief Officer, Coleman Adult Day Services

Questions about Coleman Adult Day? Curious about our safety precautions? Or simply looking for advice on caring for seniors with dementia or older adults with developmental disabilities? Reach out to us directly via email or call at 330.296.3214.