I’m Part of the Family

Nov 4, 2019

I moved from China the beginning of July. I was pregnant, lonely and had no idea of what I should do. My friend took me to the Coleman Pregnancy Center and they give me IMMEDIATE help. Ru helped me purchase medical insurance and find a doctor. She also put me in contact with a group of ladies that offered to give me rides, deliver meals, and provide me with things the baby will need. Linda gave me a very patient and professional education about being pregnant, delivering my baby, and infant care.

They are like my family in America and have given me the most precious and sincere help to support me in this most difficult time. I feel loved when I’m in the Center. The Center contributes greatly to the community and spreads love and hope for women and babies. I hope it can continue its operation to help more women like me.

True story of a Coleman Pregnancy Center mother.