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Coleman Pregnancy Center

FREE Pregnancy Support Services for Moms

Over the years, Coleman has grown its reputation as a nationally-recognized nonprofit that offers a range of comprehensive services to support our clients facing behavioral health, housing, and employment challenges. Pregnancy Services are an extension of the many supportive services we provide. Located at our main office in Portage County, we accept clients from surrounding communities, including those in Summit and Stark counties, and even as far away as Wayne County.

Finding out you are pregnant is an exciting, but daunting time for many. For new or expecting parents, Coleman provides the services and support you need for successful pregnancy and parenting. Coleman originally built its reputation as a behavioral health provider; so if it’s counseling or behavioral health services you need, we can connect you with one of our compassionate clinicians who can provide confidential support to meet your specific needs.

Want to learn more about Pregnancy Services and Behavioral Health Services from Coleman? Keep reading!

Want to donate material goods to help moms in need? Click here.

Find Us
Coleman Pregnancy Center
5982 Rhodes Road
Kent, OH 44240

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm

Contact Us
(330) 676-6842

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How We Help

From education to material goods, our Pregnancy Services are comprehensive.

We offer the following:

  • Confidential pregnancy testing
  • Verification of positive pregnancy test for benefits eligibility
  • Education about all stages of pregnancy and birth
  • Free prenatal vitamins
  • Pregnancy care support
  • Support and education about difficult parenting decisions
  • Adoption information as requested

We also provide these material items to our clients:

    • Diapers
    • Clothing
    • Wipes
    • Toys
    • Cribs
    • Strollers
    • Other items as available

Best of all, our Pregnancy Services are free for all moms! We have secured numerous grants and other funding that make this possible. 

Services and Programs

Babies don’t come with an instruction manual, so we offer guidance in a variety of areas:

Pregnancy Care

From scheduling a pregnancy test, to processing the results and your options, to accessing prenatal vitamins and qualifying for WIC, our one-stop resource center has you covered.

Pregnancy Education

The first step toward keeping you and your baby healthy starts here! Expecting and new parents will have a dedicated advocate to assist them with what to expect during pregnancy, labor preparation, infant care, and baby safety.

Nutritional Wellness

Our goal is to educate pregnant women and new moms on nutrition-related topics such as prenatal nutrition, exercise, breast feeding, post-baby weight loss and nutritional development for infants and children.

Mental Health

Being pregnant and becoming a new parent can be stressful, even to those with the best support systems. With expertise in behavioral health at its core, Coleman incorporates mental health services and emotional support into its Pregnancy Services offerings, while keeping a keen eye on the potential for post-partum depression, anxiety, substance use/abuse, and self-esteem and body image issues.

Financial Management

This program helps moms, their partners, and other caregivers with budgeting, prioritizing spending, and understanding responsible financial management to help minimize stress due to financial hardship.

Job Skills

This program helps moms, their partners, and other caregivers with finding employment or securing better employment. Clients will meet monthly with a dedicated advocate who will provide resume assistance, interview preparation, job placement support, and job retention support, among other relevant employment-related topics.

Education and Incentives

The Coleman Pregnancy Center offers six educational classes for qualifying parents who live in Portage County. Each class lasts about an hour. After completion, attendees will receive special material incentives.




Infant Safety and Newborn Care
(child age: 0-3 mos. old)

Safety kit, baby monitor, CO2 detector, newborn clothing, package of diapers, box of wipes, fitted sheet, crib and mattress

Infant Development
(child age: 3-6 mos. old)

Stroller with removable car seat

Mealtime and Picky Eaters
(child age: 6-9 mos. old)

High chair, bibs, utensils, cups, bowls

First-Year Milestone Moments
(child age: 12-18 mos. old)

Potty chair, Pull-Ups, wipes, enrichment toys/books

Second-Year Milestone Moments
(child age: 22-28 mos. old)

Pull-Ups, wipes, enrichment toys/books

Third-Year Milestone Moments
(child age: 32-38 mos. old)

Toddler bed and mattress

Success Stories


We’re Part of the Family

Nov 4, 2019
“I am 25 years old and I live in Kent. I’m currently in school to get my bachelor’s degree. I first came to the Coleman Pregnancy Center when I was eight months pregnant because I needed help dealing with my anxiety and depression. The Pregnancy Center was very warm, and


The Arosha Family Story

“We are students who came from Sri Lanka for graduate school. We planned to have our baby but still felt very unprepared. We badly needed expert advice and wanted someone to speak to regularly. Linda and all the staff members were our caretakers. My wife talked about


I’m Part of the Family

I moved from China the beginning of July. I was pregnant, lonely and had no idea of what I should do. My friend took me to the Coleman Pregnancy Center and they give me IMMEDIATE help. Ru helped me purchase medical insurance and find a doctor. She also put me in contact



Thank you for your interest in the Coleman Pregnancy Center! Your material donations are needed and greatly appreciated. Please review the following guidelines and call us at (330) 676-6842 before bringing in your donations to ensure that your gifts will be appreciated and well used.

Donation Drop Off Details

Coleman Professional Services
5982 Rhodes Road
Kent, OH 44340

Monday to Thursday 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Suggested Donations

  • Clothing: Seasonal clothing only. Newborn to age 2. Freshly laundered, in good condition, with minimal staining.
  • Diapers and Wipes
  • Toys: Clean, unbroken with all working parts included.
  • Furniture: New furniture only. Bassinets, booster seats, high chairs, carriers, diaper bags, blankets, crib sheets and similar items for children.
  • Feeding: Breast pumps without used accessories, formula and baby food (not expired in next 6 months).

Be sure all donations are thoroughly cleaned, safety approved, with all parts included. Items that smell like smoke or other strong odors will not be accepted.

Items We Do Not Accept

  • Housewares, office supplies or other items inappropriate for small children.
  • Clothing over size 2T, maternity clothes or other adult clothes. Off season clothing.
  • No breast pump accessories, sippy cups, baby bottles or pacifiers if used. No teething devices.
  • Used plush or stuffed animals. Brand new items may be considered.
  • Used furniture like cribs and car seats.
Coleman Supports Our Veterans

Coleman is proud to provide Mental Health, Crisis, Employment and Social support to those who have served our country and their families. Veterans looking for additional resources can visit