History of the Coleman Pregnancy Center

Pregnancy Center of Kent

In 2008, a small group met at a private home to discuss their concern for women in the Kent area who were distraught about their unexpected pregnancies. The group knew these women sometimes made choices because they didn’t know what else to do in what seemed to be an impossible situation. They repeatedly heard post-abortive women state that they had no one to talk to when they needed it most and felt what they did was wrong. Because of these statements, the founders decided that they had two tasks:

  • To search for the situations that seemed to make carrying a child to term not possible
  • To find a way to get the mother to engage in services to help with these situations

They discussed these tasks with Father Rick Pentello, Pastor of St. Patrick Parish in Kent, and then formed a pro-life group within the social Concerns Committee. Soon, all individuals involved determined that the community would best be served if they became a separate non-profit organization. They received their non-profit corporation status from the State of Ohio in July 2009, held their first Board of Trustees meeting in October 2009, and opened the door for clients on December 28th, 2009. Over the next four years, the Pregnancy Center of Kent served women with a staff that consisted solely of volunteers that were trained and ready to address physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all who came to the center. 

Coleman Pregnancy Center

In 2012, the Pregnancy Center of Kent’s Advisory Board felt a strong inclination to move from their donated space on Water St. to the Coleman Professional Services building on Rhodes Road.  Coleman and the Pregnancy Center of Kent shared the passion for providing practical support to help improve the lives of individuals and families. As a result, the Pregnancy Center of Kent dissolved its non-profit corporation status in 2013 and became a service offered by Coleman Professional Services. The center changed its name to Coleman Pregnancy Center to solidify the new partnership.

Since the center has been brought under Coleman’s wing, it offers a unique approach to pregnancy care. It continues to help pregnant women explore their options, but now offers a larger range of services which offer practical ways to help women stay on their feet. Pregnancy in any situation brings a range of emotions, worries and changes, and the Coleman Pregnancy Center continues to provide support for every client before and after their baby’s birth. 

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