Job Coaching

The Road to Long-Term Employment

Coleman Employment Services provides a job coach to assist the individual and employer by providing extra training and job-related support.  In many cases, our job coaches will spend time at the workplace to learn the job duties and assist the client with building the necessary skills to maintain the job.  

Job coaches provide services both on and off the job site, depending on each individual.  The services are tailored specifically to meet the client’s needs. The job coach provides assistance in addition to the orientation and training normally provided by the employer. This additional assistance may be done simultaneously with the employer’s onboarding.  

Some of the duties of the job coach include:

  • Providing one-to-one training both on and off the job site
  • Developing acceptable work habits and behaviors
  • Building work tolerance and stamina
  • Improving speed as required by the job
  • Understanding work requirements and expectations
  • Improving interpersonal relationships on the job site
  • Identifying necessary supports needed for the specific disability
  • Providing job retention services to both the employer and the person with a disability
  • Maintaining evaluation data for reporting purposes
  • Determining the appropriate time a job coach is needed based on the needs of each individual

Please contact Employment Services at 330-452-3194 or by email at to learn more about jobs for people with disabilities at Coleman.  

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