Give Youth a Stable Home

Give Youth a Stable Home

Imagine being homeless as an 18 year old young adult. No parents, no family, no job, and little to no support. Now add co-occurring disabilities including mental health, substance abuse, health or developmental disabilities, and behavioral issues. Now imagine trying to be a productive piece of society. This is the story of many of our transitional aged youth clients.

Permanent housing with support is an effective intervention for transitional age young adults who also experience homelessness. Coleman plans to develop two 10-unit permanent, supportive housing facilities - one in Massillon and one in Kent. These locations will provide a safe place for young adults to stabilize, set goals, and work towards independence. Young adults entering this program will be the most in need with extremely low incomes, a mental health diagnosis, and having time spent in a homeless shelter, domestic violence shelter, or living on the streets.

In addition to safe, decent, permanent housing, participants will receive employment services, assistance obtaining and maintain safe and affordable permanent housing beyond Coleman, and 24/7 access to Coleman’s services including case management, psychiatry, counseling and group therapy. Residents will also receive learn daily living activities including cooking, cleaning, leisure, and money management, as well as social and communication skills. A house monitor will live onsite in an 11th unit to provide support for residents.

The Kent units will cost an estimated $1.5 million, while the units in Massillon will cost just over $1.634 million. Coleman currently has over $3 million in donations and commitments. This means Coleman still needs $11,000 in funding for the Kent units and $111,518 for the Massillon units. Construction for these units began in January.

Please consider donating to one or both of these projects.

Commitments are generally completed over a five year period. For example, a $5,000 commitment is typically expected to be completed with a $1,000 gift each year for 5 years.

To learn more about making a pledge, please contact the Coleman Professional Services Resource Development Team at or at (330) 676-6876.

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