Bob Powell Endowment

Created November 2017

Bob Powell, of Akron, OH, recently gave Coleman Professional Services a $10,000 endowment for the employees of Coleman’s Data Solutions. 

Bob was an employee for 6 years at SAGE Computer Services, now Coleman Data Solutions.  Data Solutions offers personalized document solutions to increase the efficiency of your lifecycle information management, while fostering positive community engagement through every customer relationship.  Data Solutions is also part of Coleman Professional Services’ social enterprise model that employs 175 individuals and generates revenue that continues to fund services provided by Coleman.   

The endowment is going to support Coleman Data Solutions employees. It will essentially be an employee assistance program that will help provide for basic needs (groceries, transportation, pots & pans, furniture) in order to help when employees are faced with insurmountable odds that could financially inhibit them.

When asked what led him to this important gift, Powell said “I’m committed to helping Coleman.” Powell’s gift is extraordinarily special due to his employment at Sage and continuous involvement with Coleman.  

Bob has been a historic member of the community and was featured in Who’s Who in America, the 1998-2004 edition for his work with SAGE. 

We, at Coleman, are truly touched by Bob’s initiative and we genuinely are grateful for such a thoughtful and everlasting gift.

To contribute to the Bob Powell Endowment, click here.