The Faces of Coleman

Community Report 2011-2012
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Fostering recovery. Building independence. Changing destinies.

The Faces of Coleman | Community Report 2011-2012

Welcome From Nelson

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Awards and Accomplishments


View each of the 10 Awards & Accomplishments by Coleman in 2011-2012 by clicking the arrows. Thank you for your continual support in our efforts to improve the lives of those in need. You help us make a difference!

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Allen, Auglaize & Hardin Counties

Adults in Allen, Auglaize and Hardin (AAH) counties struggling with mental health concerns or battling substance abuse gained a valuable partner in 2011 when Coleman expanded its services to west central Ohio.

Treating Addiction

For those attempting to end their drug/opiate use, Blue House provides a safe, structured environment in which to accomplish that goal. The Blue House opened its doors in April 2012. Since then, 16 individuals have been served, including four successful discharged residents who have maintained sobriety to date.

Enhancing Care

Thanks to S-BIRT (Screening Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment) services, individuals can visit Coleman’s Allen County site in Lima seven days a week for a walk-in screening to determine their treatment needs. The Auglaize and Hardin sites offer a similar service five days a week.

Those undergoing inpatient mental health treatment can seamlessly transition into outpatient care through the assistance of a new and innovative program called Care Navigators. These new positions were created to assess patients in the hospital and to determine their individual needs for follow up care after discharge.

STEPs is a program in Allen County for clients who need more than the education and awareness instruction of primary care but do not require long-term treatment. Composed of group and individual counseling, this program is possible through Indigent Driver Alcohol Treatment funds. Earmarked funds are collected from every DUI conviction and distributed by the courts to support programs like this.

Portage County

Coleman in Portage County offers employment, residential and behavioral health services for children, adolescents, adults and families who are seeking assistance for an emotional or behavioral problem, coping with a crisis, or struggling with severe or persistent mental illness.

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Developing Relationships

Coleman expanded collaboration with Kent State University Health Services by delivering psychiatry on-site. Coleman has also expanded its relationship with the Portage Community Health Center through Telehealth, delivering consultation from a pharmacist to our patients.

Increased Training

Staff members continued to receive training to better assist clients. The adult counseling staff and other county providers were trained on the Outcome and Session Rating Scales for Feedback Informed Training (FIT), and one adult provider received certification in FIT. Six child providers soon will receive certification for Trauma Focused-CBT, and another child provider received Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) certification.

Supportive Housing

Coleman Professional Services completed the purchase of part of the Phoenix Block in Ravenna in Dec. 2011. The Phoenix Project will provide independent living apartments for 10 people who are homeless and have severe and persistent mental illness. JPMorgan Chase Foundation, the Kenneth L. Calhoun Charitable Trust and Coleman Foundation have provided funds for the project. Initial architectural plans were revealed in May of 2012.

Stark County

From counseling to mediation services to employment services, Coleman in Stark County seeks to address the needs of adults coping with mental illness. Staff at the Stark location also provides psychiatric and case management services.

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Overcoming Homelessness

Through a partnership with ICAN Housing at Basic Accommodations, 20 previously homeless men and women can now receive proper housing. The 24-hour staffing helps individuals regain skills, re-engage in services, find jobs and search for permanent residences.

Community Engagement

Staff members built awareness in the community and promoted Coleman’s services by joining the Jackson Chamber of Commerce and by participating in the Stark County Fair, Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival, Stark Chamber of Commerce Business Expo and the NAMI walk.

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Student Support

As a result of new partnerships with The University of Akron, Walsh University, Malone University and Stark State College, master’s students can now apply for internships.

Mediation Services extended services into Massillon and Sandy Valley School Districts with support from Stark County Family Court and United Way to reduce expulsions and improve graduation rates in high schools.

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Combatting Crime

Through the Stark County Jail Liaison programs, 400 individuals received assessments and referrals to local agencies to address behavioral health problems. Coleman’s jail liaison assists law enforcement in determining the best treatment for people coming into the legal system. Many times, treatment at Coleman or another agency is more effective and cost efficient than incarceration.

Summit County

The staff at Coleman in Summit County works with adults who are facing a crisis, persistent or severe mental illness, or an emotional or behavioral problem. Some of the services available to clients include case management and counseling.

Expanding Reach

Summit County added a psychiatric residency outpatient clinic at Summa St. Thomas Campus, increasing availability for services and reducing wait time for patients. Another new site in Barberton will increase residents’ access to counseling, psychiatry, case management and Diagnostic Assessment services.

Reducing Readmission

Individuals battling mental health issues can build independence with “Bridge to Home,” a collaboration with SummaCare. After being released from a hospital stay, patients receive one follow-up visit and two calls from a registered nurse or social worker tracking their progress and helping foster recovery to avoid readmission. This program has successfully dropped readmission rates well below the national average and into single digits.

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Trumbull County

In Trumbull County, Coleman provides a wide range of services to children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Staff is available around the clock to assist those in need of respite, housing, employment, emergency prescreening, crisis intervention, case management services, psychiatric and counseling services.

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Blue House

Aiding Transitions

Recognizing the specific challenges of young adults during transitions, Behavioral Health-Trumbull opened the Washington House on April 25. Eight youths ranging in age from 18 to 26 reside in the home along with a house monitor. The occupants must have been homeless or transitioning out of foster care, have a mental health diagnosis and be willing to engage in mental health, employment and education services.

Expanded Outreach

During 2012, the Trumbull location continued to serve residents of all ages within the community. Specialty services are offered including respite to children and in-home counseling for older adults battling depression.

The Trumbull site also successfully served 386 dually diagnosed persons, individuals with both a mental illness and an alcohol or drug problem, in partnership with Community Solutions Association.

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Adult Day Services

Coleman Adult Day Services, serving Portage County, provides an alternative to the traditional care options available for adults with limited or diminishing cognitive and physical abilities. Staff attends to every aspect of care, and a 1:6 staff to patient ratio ensures the highest levels of attention and support for clients.

Providing Support to Families

A new dementia support group was established to service clients suffering from dementia, their families and the community. Adult Day staff provides care to those in need while their families attend meetings.

Social Engagement

Interaction with others is of vital importance and immeasurable value for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD). To address this need, Adult Day began hosting a monthly DD dance in a countywide program that has found much success.

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Adult Day Advocates

Those who see the daily good work done through Adult Day Services are proud to offer their support. United Way of Portage County gave a grant of $19,263 to support programming; the Portage Foundation and the Rotary Club of Aurora each gave a $500 grant to assist with transportation costs; and the Brunch Bunch provided $8,828 to benefit the meal program.

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Employment Services

Coleman Employment Services provides valuable resources for job seekers dealing with mental illness in multiple counties at every point of the search. Individuals can expect one-on-one attention throughout the entire process with services such as job coaching, vocational evaluation and career exploration, temporary job tryout and benefits counseling among others.

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Uncovering Potential

This year, 158 clients were able to change their own destinies by finding employment through Coleman Employment Services. Another 128 clients from the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation received training to learn successful job seeking skills. Through one-on-one benefits training, more than 100 clients learned about the greater financial opportunities offered by employment versus government assistance.

Even the needs of young job seekers are addressed through Employment Services. In fact, a Summer Youth program helped 19 economically disadvantaged youths in Portage County find employment.

Employment Retention

In Stark County, 25 clients maintained employment for more than six months and received follow-along support through the Stark County Supported Employment Program. Two fundraising programs raised funds to assist clients with bus tickets and passes to help clients get to their interview or job.

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Coleman Employment Solutions Logo

Coleman Data Solutions

Coleman Data Solutions provides a wide variety of data and document management services. As an enterprise of Coleman Professional Services, Data Solutions employs individuals with disabilities in an integrated workforce. In fact, 80 percent of its employees have a disability. Profits from the enterprise benefit behavioral and mental health services provided by Coleman.

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New Services

Data Solutions expanded its breadth of services to become a provider for Docunym, a cloud-based document management software. The Coleman enterprise also signed two contracts to provide Lockbox services, another new offering.

Focus on Efficiency

With dual goals of promoting process efficiency and ensuring product quality, Data Solutions also completed two Lean Six Sigma projects to evaluate methodology in these two areas.

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Financial Report

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Operating Expenses Graph

"Coleman Professional Services had another good year in 2012, ending with an increase in net assets of $325,718. The value of our total assets increased to $10,460,579 in the year ending June 30, 2012. Coleman's continued success and improved ability to serve our communities is a direct result of hard work by our dedicated employees. The staff has been remarkably successful in finding alternate and additional funding sources."

-Ben Dabbs, Chief Financial Officer

Board of Trustees

board of trustees

Board of Trustees

Back row L-R: Patricia Pakan, Gerald Kline, Julie Spalding, Kathy Baker, Susan Sammons, Demetrius Spikenard, Linda Walker
Front row L-R: Laura Cessna, Sabrina Christian-Bennett, Adam Rubin, Theresa Spiker, Toby Ann Weber

Not Pictured: Richard Clough, Roger Cram, Justin Gates, Laurie Knuth, Lisa Muldowney, Susan Rodger, Joe Vero

Board officers

Board Officers

Pictured L-R: Adam Rubin, Treasurer
Susan Sammons, President
Sabrina Christian-Bennett, Vice President
Gerald Kline, Secretary

Thank you for your service!

Coleman Youth Board

In an effort to engage the community in mental health awareness, Coleman Professional Services launched the Coleman Youth Board in the fall of 2011. An initiative of the CPS Board of Trustees, the Coleman Youth Board brought together high school students from Kent, Ravenna and Stow as well as Kent’s Stanton Middle School. These students learned about mental illness, its prevalence in society and developing anti-stigma campaigns.

Mental illness affects one in four adults, one in six adolescents and one in 10 children. These undeniable numbers reinforce the idea that fostering understanding and compassion and decreasing stigmas and misinformation is important at all ages.

At the end of the last school year, the Youth Board members developed and coordinated a mental health awareness week at each of their schools. They followed these activities with a community mental health evening for adults and families.

The 2011 – 2012 Coleman Youth Board members are:

Back Row: Claire Stacey, Lexi Carlson, Gillian Seibel, Maggie Marten, Shelby Mrazik, Jereme Maffei, Christine Halasz, Brittany Andears, Suzanna Moyer and Katie Bridgewater.

Front Row: Lindsey Patterson, Emma Sampson, Erin Mackanos, Taylor McWilliams-Woods, Laura Castiglione, Llewsesha Perry, Sean Martin and Hanna Face.

Not pictured: Hayley Chlad and Lila Goehring.

Accreditations and Licenses

An Equal Opportunity Employer and Service Provider - CARF, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities - ODADAS, Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services - Ohio Department of Mental Health - Ohio Department of Health
In association with Allen, Auglaize and Hardin; Portage; Stark; Summit; and Trumbull Country Mental Health Boards.