Faces of Recovery

Written by Joseph Sharpe
Published by Hometown Stations

Mental illness is a subject that many don't want to talk about, but all of us should be talking about.

Coleman Professional Services and Changing Seasons Day Center are hoping to get the conversation started with the "Faces of Recovery" art project. For decades, society has put a negative stigma on mental illness and substance addiction. The project is a way for people to interpret these illnesses without judgment or discrimination. It's a way to show, like many illnesses, a person can manage it and in some cases even recover from it.

"Many people still don't understand that mental health is a chemical imbalance and it's like somebody having diabetes or high blood pressure. You know, they tell them to come, get over it, it's a chemical imbalance, it's an illness," explained Maha Zehery, Community Outreach Liaison at Changing Seasons.

Dozens of masks are being made by individuals who have a mental illness to show how they feel. Zehery is also asking anyone in the community to participate. You can pick up a mask at Changing Seasons at 136 South West Street. The deadline to return it is September 20th. The masks will then be on display at various locations around Lima and the state.