Coleman to begin providing services to Turning Point clients

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (June 16, 2017)   Coleman Professional services has been selected by the Turning Point Counseling Services Board of Directors to enter into a management agreement to  take over operations of Turning Point for a period of 60 – 90 days.  Coleman has also been in discussion regarding a Letter of Intent to purchase assets from Turning Point after the management agreement period is complete.  These agreements will allow Coleman to provide uninterrupted behavioral health services to Turning Point clients and Mahoning County residents.  Both organizations understand the importance of preserving these services for the people of Mahoning County.

Coleman’s President and CEO, Nelson Burns, said, “We are honored to be offered this opportunity to serve the Turning Point clients and the Mahoning County communities. As we begin this management agreement and complete the due diligence required in the Letter of Intent, we will work hard in improving and growing Turning Point.”  Burns, who began his career in behavioral health and rehabilitation programs in 1979 at the Doris Burdman home in Youngstown, also said, “I look forward to once again serving Mahoning County.”

Scott Essad, Turning Point’s Interim Executive Director and President of the Board of Directors said, “Turning Point Counseling Services, Inc. came about as the result of a merger between Parkview Counseling Services and Eastern Behavioral Health.  Turning Point has been serving the needs of the indigent and persons with mental health issues, including those with severe and persistent mental illness, in Mahoning County since 1963. The Board of Directors is pleased that, with this agreement, Turning Point’s mission and service to clients will not change. If anything, it will be enhanced.”

Turning Point’s disruption in executive leadership over the last year and the new demands on behavioral health organizations due to Medicaid redesign, managed care readiness, and other issues led the Turning Point Board of Directors to issue a statewide Request for Proposal for the management and future of the agency.  Eleven agencies applied, the Board of Directors interviewed the top candidates and selected Coleman Professional Services to take over management.

Coleman, which operates in eight Ohio counties, works collaboratively with the mental health boards in each of those counties to serve the unique needs of the residents of those counties.  Burns stated, “Coleman looks forward to learning from the Mahoning County Mental Health and Recovery Board to better understand the needs and concerns of Mahoning County residents and to tailor our services to meet those needs.”

Coleman Professional Services is a nationally recognized non-profit provider of behavioral health and addiction recovery programs that improve the lives of individuals, families and businesses in Ohio. Coleman currently is providing services in Portage, Trumbull, Stark, Summit, Jefferson, Allen, Auglaize and Hardin counties.  The company’s vision is to foster recovery by improving the ability to access its services without scheduling delays; to build independence by providing permanent housing for people with behavioral health challenges and to change destinies by assisting people with disabilities obtain employment, reducing their dependency on entitlements.  The company relies on an Enterprise Business Model to diversify its funding.  Its social enterprises and philanthropic efforts provide revenue to support the company’s award-winning clinical services.