Boards of Trustees

Coleman Professional Services is driven by the dedication of our employees and volunteers. With forward-thinking leaders who are committed to improving the lives of individuals in our communities, we are able to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

CPS Board of Trustees

CPS Board FY171


Darryl Hunt, President
Asha Goodner, Vice President
Laura Cessna, Secretary
Brian Steere, Treasurer


Back Row:

Cid Emerine Cruise
Margaret Jordan
Heather Madden
Roger Cram
Michael Selzer
Lon Snyder
Elizabeth Curtis
Kristine Syrvalin
Sarah Malcom

Front Row:

Linda Walker
Russell Burgett
Darryl Hunt
Brian Steere
Laura Cessna
Fran Lantz

Not Pictured:

Asha Goodner
Amanda Rogers
Katlynn Stoll