Our Services

At the Coleman Pregnancy Center, we strive to provide help in areas that encourage healthy outcomes. We happily provide services to women who suspect they are pregnant, know they are pregnant or have a child under age one. We also provide services to fathers and families when applicable. We offer care before, after, and beyond their baby’s birth.

Prenatal Support

We understand the importance of pre-pregnancy care. We are there to educate future mothers from the time they discover their pregnancy, until the end of their term. Some specific services include:

  • Confidential pregnancy testing
  • Verification of positive pregnancy test
  • Honest education about all options
  • Free prenatal vitamins
  • Pregnancy care support
  • Faith based pregnancy support (when indicated)
  • Adoption information (when indicated)

Material Goods

Caring for a baby can be expensive and time consuming. We want to reward the hard work that goes in to being a mother. Roo’s Roots is an ever growing supply of various needed baby items for free. These items include but are not limited to:

  • Diapers
  • Clothing
  • Wipes
  • Toys

We use an incentive-based system that is designed to encourage the efforts made towards providing a happy and healthy home.

Employment Readiness Support

We want to provide mothers and families with opportunities to learn skills that aid in creating a happier and more secure future. We teach job seeking skills, such as resume writing and job searching, as well as interviewing and other skills needed to help obtain stable employment. There are also possible opportunities for continued vocational support throughout the job seeking process. These classes are lead by an experienced job coach and are offered free of charge.

Educational Programs

We know that being pregnant or a new parent can raise a lot of concerns; some of which are not addressed for various reasons. We want to help you feel better about any unsettled feelings and answer any questions you might have. We offer a wide variety of educational programs that are tailored to fit individual needs. Each program is provided by a registered nurse with over 30 years experience on OB-BYN hospital floors.

Current programs that we currently offer include:

  • Your Body While Pregnant
  • Preparing for Labor
  • Infancy Care
  • Nutritional Planning

We are always finding new ways to provide support for our clients; please check back to see what new educational programs are being offered.

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