Employment Programs

Job Placement for the Disabled

Our programs provide area adults and youth with comprehensive employment evaluations. The Job Club is facilitated by a job developer who encourages and helps his or her peers. Job seeking skills training, also known as job coaching, includes:

  • Preparing an up-to-date resume
  • Improving interviewing skills
  • Identifying potential employers
  • Learning how to complete paper and online applications properly
  • Identifying transportation issues
  • Writing cover letters and thank you notes
  • Completing trial work assessment with an appropriate employer to:
  • Develop acceptable work habits and behaviors
  • Build work tolerance and stamina
  • Assist with understanding work requirements and expectations
  • Forming an individualized job search to meet the individual client’s needs including:
    • Employer location and work hours
    • Client’s knowledge and skill level
    • Negotiations for necessary accommodations needed for client’s disability
  • Assistance with maintaining employment through on-site and off-site job coaching as needed.
  • Youth employment programs

Each service will focus on the individual’s specific barrier(s) to finding and maintaining employment as well as the person’s strengths and skills.  Every person will be assigned to a job developer to assist with his or her personal career exploration and job search.

Please contact Employment Servies at 330-452-3194 or by email at EmploymentInfo@colemanservices.org to learn more about jobs for people with disabilities at Coleman.  

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