Career Planning & Evaluation

Career Readiness and Evaluation

Coleman Employment Services provides superb career evaluation services to individuals using a variety of testing tools.  

Coleman’s individualized career planning and career evaluation includes:

  • Personal inventory testing that helps the client come to a realization of their personality type.
  • Extraversion (energetic vs. reserved)
  • Neuroticism (nervous vs. confident)
  • Agreeableness (compassionaate vs. detached)
  • Conscientiousness (organized vs. careless)
  • Openness to Experience (curious vs. cautious)
  • Learning styles inventory includes the discovery of how you learn and process information the most effectively.
    • Visual vs. verbal
    • Physical vs. logical
    • Social vs. individual
  • Career behavioral assessment looks at an individual’s work/training background, general functional abilities and social/behavioral characteristics.
  • Emotional intelligence testing refers to the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate emotions.
  • Work readiness evaluations include attendance, punctuality, work pace, interpersonal skills, transportation, stress management, initiative and perseverance.
  • Academic abilities provide insight into an individual’s verbal, mathematical, reading and computer skills .
  • Vocational interests and aptitude testing clarifies participants’ employment interest through various assessments, offering individuals insight into their vocational capabilities, strengths and barriers toward employment. 

The individual’s skills and abilities are used to develop a results-based employment action plan to assist in achieving employment success while overcoming real or perceived barriers in maintaining employment. This information is used by the job developer to assist the individual in finding an appropriate job where he or she can be successful.  

Please contact employment services at 330-452-3194 or by email at to learn more about jobs for people with disabilities at Coleman.  

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