Career Counseling

Career Exploration

The core of career counseling focuses on finding jobs for disabled people. Career counselors work with people from various walks of life including youth, adults and senior citizens. These individuals may have varied education levels, ranging from those without a high school diploma/GED to those with advanced degrees. Their disabilities are as varied as the individuals, including those with disabilities described on the Employment Services home page.

Career counseling looks at the individual’s

  • Qualifications
  • Work experience
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Desired salary
  • Personal hobbies
  • Interests
  • Location
  • The job market
  • Education level

Individuals often feel that because they have always done one type of job that is all they are qualified to do. Our career counselors help individuals use their qualifications to find a more suitable career, where they can maintain long-term employment and find success and satisfaction. Through counseling and teaching, career counselors can help people to better identify appropriate job goals and support systems. Group and individual career counseling is available and can be used separately or jointly.

Please contact Employment Services at 330-452-3194 or by email at to learn more about jobs for people with disabilities at Coleman.  

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