Benefits Counseling

Applying for Disability Benefits

Benefits counseling offered by Coleman Employment Services is a comprehensive process that evaluates multi-system benefits.  An initial interview with the client takes place to review existing benefits and determine potential employment income for the client.

The benefits counselor will assess Social Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), Medicaid, Public Housing, Veterans Assistance, cash assistance and food stamps, as necessary.  

The referring counselor and client receive a written report summarizing the impact of working on entitlements, and how to maximize work incentives. Follow up meetings are scheduled as needed.

Benefits counseling includes explanations of the following work incentives as they apply to the job seeker’s situation:

  • Trial work period
  • Extended period of eligibility
  • Expedited reinstatement
  • Continuation of medicare or medicaid
  • Impairment related work expenses
  • Subsidies or special conditions
  • Plan to achieve self support
  • How to report changes in income
  • The precautions in place in case of job loss

In addition to the disability benefits counseling outlined above, the client may have additional issues requiring support while applying for disability benefits. These might include the following:

  • Assistance with developing and managing a Plan for Achieving Self-Sufficiency (PASS)
  • Help with reporting income
  • Applying for and documenting work incentives
  • Assistance with resolving overpayments

Please contact Employment Services at 330-452-3194 or by email at to learn more about jobs for people with disabilities at Coleman.  

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