Therapeutic Assault Prevention System

Health Care Consulting

Our highly qualified health care consulting staff offers specific training for professionals and others who work with persons who have a mental illness to provide safety and prevention skills.

Through the Therapeutic Assault Prevention System (T.A.P.S.), your staff will be educated on subjects regarding:

  • The physiology of aggression
  • Logistics of intervention
  • Verbal de-escalation techniques
  • Physical interventions designed to minimize injury to clients, staff and bystanders

The foremost objective of T.A.P.S. is to reduce injury to all parties involved.

Coleman Consultation Services’ trained health care consultants will work diligently with you through an eight-hour course that includes hands-on training and demonstrations to promote your safety while helping people with mental health illnesses. The primary focus of this fundamental course is to offer preventive methods that can be used to de-escalate an individual who has become aggressive. The second concentration encompasses the prevention of injury to both parties through calming, peaceful actions along with continuous verbal soothing techniques.

T.A.P.S. has been used effectively for more than 16 years and has an excellent safety record. All of the presenters are certified to provide the training and, based on feedback from our existing clients and many favorable testimonials, you’re sure to have an enjoyable experience.

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