Fundraising Planning for Non-Profits

Business Development Consulting

Mastering the art of effective fundraising is vital to the success of any organization that relies on philanthropy to achieve its mission. Our business consulting services help you determine the key strategies it takes to raise significant revenue and ensure long-term success for your non-profit organization.

Your personal consultant can help you engage your staff by assisting you in devising:

  • Creative event strategies
  • Capital campaigns
  • Planned giving programs
  • Annual fund drives
  • Donor appreciation events
  • Board member education and involvement

The Coleman consultation team of business strategy consultants understands the importance of a well-conceived development plan and how to set, pursue and monitor specific fundraising goals. In addition, your consultant will keep you and your staff informed about some of the continually changing regulatory requirements and other challenges that affect today’s fundraising environment.

Your business development consultant will assist you in grabbing the attention of current and future clients by helping you find an effective way for people to stay in touch with your organization. You will learn how to keep your employees dedicated and engaged in the important mission of the company.

Call 330-673-1347 today to find out more on how Coleman’s business development consultant can help you develop a fundraising plan that will assure you long term success in raising significant funds.

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