Wellness & Recovery Centers Guided by Peer Supporters

OPTIONS, Changing Seasons, & Beacon House

Psychosocial rehabilitation services are built around a recovery-based, consumer-driven program designed to optimize a person’s personal, social and vocational competencies so that he or she can live successfully in the community. Peer support is an integral part of psychosocial services with certified peer support specialists and other peer supports volunteering to deliver services. Peers plan and deliver services and orient new consumers to the opportunities available in psychosocial services.

Participants engage in community activities to encourage the psychosocial recovery values of work, belonging, empowerment, working together, consumer choice, accountability, responsibility and respect. In addition, participants focus on challenging stigma and prejudice to enable social inclusion for those with mental illness.

Psychosocial services are offered in learning environments with educational classes and groups designed to assist consumers in his or her work toward recovery. The environment is similar to a clubhouse, and the restorative activities focus on the participants’ strengths and abilities – not his or her illness. This approach creates a place for people to come and build meaningful relationships while developing skills. Groups are led by peer support specialists with topics based on consumer input.

Consumers work to:

  • Build independent living and social skills
  • Manage symptoms
  • Develop health and wellness skills
  • Foster vocational skills
  • Increase recreation and leisure activities

Participants in the peer led groups are typically active in mental health treatment and/or drug and alcohol treatment in addition to psychosocial services, but it is not a requirement of services.

For more information about this program or others like it, please call Coleman Behavioral Health at (330) 673-1347 or (800) 673-1347 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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