Group Housing

 24-Hour Supportive Services

Coleman Behavioral Health offers 24-hour group living in Windham, Ohio (Portage County), Canton, Ohio (Stark County) and Massillon, Ohio (Stark County). The Portage County facility is a seven-bed home that is designed to maximize one’s ability to live in the least restrictive environment, attain and maintain independent living in the community, minimize hospitalizations and provide persons with the ability to control behaviors that are socially unacceptable.  

In Stark County, Coleman provides the 24/7 supportive services at two locations. One site is called Basic Accommodations, and the other is called James House.  Basic Accommodations has 20 beds; James House has eight beds. Basic Accommodations is considered transitional housing.

The specialized residential group living service is able to provide education, socialization, recreation, medication monitoring and independent living skill training for adults with behavior problems and severe mental disabilities.

The specialized residential group living program is designed to help people who:

  • Lack independent living skills
  • Lack socialization skills
  • Make poor use of their leisure or recreation time
  • Have limited independent living history
  • Lack of a support system or network
  • Have inadequate vocational skills
  • Need housing due to homelessness
  • Exhibit challenging behaviors

The following counties have group housing programs. Please call the respective number to find out more about how Coleman can further help you.

  • Portage County: Call (330) 673-1347
  • Stark County: Call (330) 438-2400
Available Counties