Comprehensive Nursing Services

Caring for the Elderly

The experienced nurses at Coleman Adult Day Services understand the specific health, emotional and nutritional needs of people with dementia, physical limitations or developmental disabilities.

Our goal is to keep individuals functioning in a home environment as long as possible without the expense of home care or a nursing facility.

A team approach is used that encompasses the person served, family members or caregivers, case managers and physicians. One of our nurses will conduct an in-depth initial interview with the participant and family, review medications and doctor’s orders and create a Personalized Plan of Care for each participant. This same nurse will then team up with the participant and caregivers for the duration of care provided at Coleman Adult Day Services.

Due to the average age and the health status of the individuals served, nursing routinely assesses for urinary tract infections, pneumonia and skin issues. Routine health monitoring is a vital part of the care we provide. The nursing team initiates a semi-annual care conference to update family, physicians and participants on the status of progress.

Coleman Adult Day Services also offers comprehensive adult day care services including physical, occupational and speech therapy services and nutrition services and meals on site.

If it’s time to develop a routine health monitoring program for your loved one, or if he or she is in need of physical, occupational or speech therapy, give us a call at 330-296-3214 or email us at to schedule your free no-obligation tour and initial consultation with one of our licensed nurses.

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