Providing Healthy; Nutritional Meals

Caring for the elderly and dealing with dementia can be challenging, but our dementia care specialists ensure loved ones receive proper nutrition.

For people with dementia, maintaining good nutrition presents extra challenges. A person with dementia may:

  • Experience a loss of appetite
  • Develop an insatiable appetite or a craving for sweets
  • Forget to eat and drink
  • Forget how to chew or swallow
  • Experience a dry mouth or mouth discomfort
  • Be unable to recognize the food and drinks they are given

People with dementia will typically have the same nutritional requirements as other people their age. However, some diagnosed with dementia may have increased physical activity such as pacing, which means they will need additional caloric intake to maintain a healthy weight.

Coleman Adult Day Services provides a light breakfast, hot lunch and an afternoon snack each day. Individualized nutritional requirements are monitored by the nursing staff and meals are adjusted in accordance with the participant’s needs. Special needs such as a pureed diet or thickened liquids can be accommodated.

Meals include essential components of:

  • Meat or meat substitute
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Bread or grains
  • Milk with assorted beverages

If it’s time to develop a well-balanced nutritional program for your loved one, give us a call at 330-296-3214 or email us at to schedule your free no-obligation tour and initial consultation with one of our nutrition specialists.

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