Adult Day Bathing Services

Responsible Care to Preserve Safety and Dignity

Coleman Adult Day Services offers private, safe and accessible bathing facilities for our clients. Because caregivers often face challenges in bathing a loved one that include lack of appropriate and safe equipment or resistance and combativeness due to dementia or cognitive impairment, bathing services at Coleman Adult Day Services has become a great resource for our clients and caregivers.

Many times, the personal care assistants at Coleman can be more successful with bathing than someone close to the client because

  • We are not a family member invading an individual's privacy
  • Our bathing area is private
  • The bathing room is warm and inviting
  • We monitor the temperature of the water to make sure that it is safe
  • The jets on the tub feel good and are therapeutic for arthritic joints
  • We play soothing music during bathing
  • We make sure modesty and dignity are maintained during bathing

Our personal care assistants will also perform a skin assessment prior to bathing and will alert the nursing staff of any concerns.

If bathing a loved one is getting to be too difficult or to find out more about our comprehensive adult day programs, give our adult day care a call at 330-296-3214 or email to schedule your free no-obligation tour of our facility and private, safe and accessible bathing area.

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